Top 5 Cloud Security Threats To Watch For In 2022
10 May 2022, 14:47


With the COVID-19 pandemic devastating the world, Cloud adoption has become the most popular option for businesses. The Cloud can cut costs for businesses and make systems and data available to its employees around the world, which is incredibly important considering most environments are still work from home. More importantly, the Cloud offers scalability which can increase or decrease resources to satisfy evolving needs for businesses.


One thing we must always keep in mind is Cloud Security. Cloud service providers will implement baseline security to protect against some security threats and vulnerabilities. However, this is not enough. It is important to understand the threats that are out in the wild so that you can protect your business and its data from malicious actors.

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Top 5 Ransomware to Watch For in 2021-2022
16 May 2021, 00:11


Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity researchers have shown that ransomware attacks have doubled over the past year. This in-part is due to more people working from home. With more people working from home, it creates an absence of cybersecurity measures that are not being followed. As organizations scramble to adapt, cyber criminals are taking advantage of this opportunity to exploit people’s fears and confusion to reach their goal.

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Protecting your Android Phone Out of Box
16 May 2021, 00:03

Despite the bad rap Android gets about being insecure, it’s really quite secure out of the box. It takes a lot of messing with the settings and a lot of user generated events to make an Android device insecure. While it might not be as secure as Apple phones are out of the box, it definitely has the potential to go toe-to-toe with them.


Here are some simple ways you can improve the security posture of your Android device.

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Securing Your Apple Device Out of Box
15 May 2021, 23:41

Apple has done a fantastic job of ensuring great platform security within their devices they release. They maximize the security of their devices while at the same time not compromising the usability so users don’t feel overwhelmed when using them. With that in mind, it’s still a good idea to add extra security measures to make your device and its data more secure. Here are several ways we can accomplish this to add more security, without sacrificing the usability.

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Web Security 101: How To Protect Your Privacy Online
15 May 2021, 23:51


In the age of technology, personal information and data has become one of the most important things you want to safeguard. You might not know it, but a lot of companies collect your personal information and sell it to third parties in order to turn a profit. When you sign up for these services, you are presented with a lot of Terms and Conditions that you probably don’t read. In these terms, it will say if you will allow this service to sell your personal information, but not a lot of people look this deep into it.


If you want to eliminate this, or at the very least reduce the amount of information sent, follow these guidelines.

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Protecting against Social Engineering
15 May 2021, 22:44


“Congratulations! You have just won $1000. Click here to claim your prize!” is a line you have probably seen in your spam folder or in your text messages. When you click these links it will take you no where or even just refresh the page, but what really happens when you click? When you click these links, potential malicious software will be installed on your computer without your consent or knowledge. The malicious software could range from a keylogger to even a rootkit.


This specific example is a form of social engineering that attempts to exploit individuals that need money by giving them a sense of hope and trust that the $1000 will be going to them. It’s important that we identify these kinds of attacks before it’s too late. By following the tips below, you can give yourself a better understanding of how to protect against Social Engineering attacks and what they may look like in the wild.

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How to secure your Windows 10 PC out of box
15 May 2021, 22:35


If you’ve recently purchased a new Windows 10 PC (or have upgraded from an older version), you are probably wondering how secure the operating system is. Fortunately, throughout the years since the operating systems release, Microsoft has made Windows 10 pretty robust for the average user. However, despite all the security that’s been added to the operating system, there is still room for additional security. In this post, we are going to be highlighting how you can make your Windows 10 PC more secure.

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